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Our Happy Client Stories & Reviews.

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BEAU Canine Essentials is a Vancouver based company offering pure, rich, and natural coat cleaning and conditioning products. Our products are for professional groomers and dog parents who prefer high quality natural grooming to nurture their furry friends.


Our shampoos feature natural cleansers as well as natural odour absorbing ingredients that help groomers and dog parents achieve beautiful results. Our shampoos leave the skin and coat, soft, clean, lustrous and with a fresh scent.


Our grooming products are:


  • Hypoallergenic

  • Tear-free

  • Sulphate-free

  • Flea treatment compatible

  • pH balanced for dogs with sensitive skin

  • Cruelty-free

Made With Love For
Your Furry Friend.

"I own a high volume grooming establishment in Moncton NB, called Paws N’ Noses Pet Services. When I first opened up the salon in 2017, we had a hard time finding a suitable shampoo line we could use and afford. Most dogs here in Moncton are very sensitive to yeasty skin and had reactions to a lot of the products we tried.

When I went to Alberta to attend MasterGroom Canada in 2018, I came across the Beau Canine Essentials line and decided to take home a trial kit. We fell in love with the products right away!

Within the third visit, the dogs’ coats had changed, becoming healthier (and even seemed to grow a bit faster which is a good sign), and they were not having any reactions! There were no more complaints of itchiness from pet parents, who loved the way their dogs smelled and felt after their grooms. We even started to get comments about how great the salon smelled! The essential oils in the products are fabulous!

They leave a soft professional scent in the salon that everyone enjoys. Not to mention our hands and arms were no longer reacting after a long day of work (some of us would get rashes now and again with our old products). The bonus for us with this product line is the fact that it cut our drying time in half!! We love that there are different types of shampoos formulated for specific coats and that the entire line is hypoallergenic!


Once we saw the difference, it was clear to us that we needed to make the full switch to this wonderful all-natural product line. We’ve stuck with Beau Canine Essentials for 3 years now! We even sell it to our clients and local groomers and they love that we have it available to them in our store! Roberto is a pleasure to deal with as well. It’s not hard to see that he is doing this out of a place of love for the pets and we are so grateful!"

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"Roberto is a pleasure to deal with as well. It’s not hard to see that he is doing this out of a place of love for the pets and we are so grateful!"

-Jackie Cormier
Owner &
Head Groomer
At Paws N’ Noses

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"I absolutely love Beau Canine Essentials and so do my clients! "


Made With Love For
Your Furry Friend.

I switched over to Beau about a year ago and what a difference their products made to my clients’ coats. They came out clean, soft, fluffy and with an amazing smell. It felt like I was cutting dirty fur before I started using Beau. My go-to are the Deep Cleansing Shampoo and the Conditioning Spray, but I love them all! I appreciate that they are hypoallergenic (and therefore

gentle on those sensitive skinned dogs) and made with natural products.

Working with dogs daily, I specifically love that Beau products are cruelty-free! The customer service I’ve received with Roberto is second to none! I and my furry friends couldn’t be happier with Beau Canine Essentials!

-Chelsey, Owner
Of Taylor’d Fur

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Made With Love For
Your Furry Friend.

I am a professional groomer with more than 16 years of

experience, and have been using Beau Canine Essentials

products in my own salon since 2017. When compared to one of my previous favourite products, Beau Canine Essentials is superior


I find Beau Canine Essentials products to be gentle on my

clients as well as on my hands; it is the first shampoo that I've used that does not dry out my hands. The shampoos clean amazingly well and smell great without leaving an overpowering



The grooming spray is a must have! Even my 3 year old

daughter loves it in her hair and demands the spray as it makes brushing her hair a breeze. Beau Canine Essentials all the way for me!

-Lena, Owner Of
Beggin' For Bubbles

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"I absolutely love Beau Canine Essentials and so

do my clients! "

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