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This is a versatile whitening treatment, and dilution can be adjusted according to the whitening intensity required.



- For breeds that take colour easily (such as poodles) a dilution of 50:1 is recommended.

- For regular/maintenance whitening treatment, we recommend a dilution of 32:1.

- For difficult whitening jobs (yellow or copper stains), we recommend a dilution of 10:1 or less.


Whitening intensity can also be adjusted by leaving the product on the coat for 1 to 4 minutes before rinsing. To avoid staining, don't leave the product on for longer than 5 minutes.


As with all whitening shampoos, test your dilution and setting time in an inconspicuous area before applying to the entire coat.

Whitening Shampoo - Dilutes 50:1

  • Water, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate, glycerine, propanediol, N-soya-N-ethyl morpholinium ethosulfate, violet 2, EDTA, parfum, methylisothiazolinone.

    • Does not contain bleaching agents
    • Versitile whitening treatment with broad dilution ratios
    • Tear-free
    • Hypoallergenic     
    • Sulfate and paraben-free                                          
    • Flea treatment compatible          
    • pH balanced    
    • Cruelty-free
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