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How to Choose a Natural Dog Shampoo in Vancouver

How to Choose a Natural dog Shampoo in Vancouver that Maxi’s Ass likes

Max has an affinity for getting his ass dirty. Why? We don’t know. BUT as Anthony Robbins says YOU GET BETTER ANSWERS WHEN YOU ASK BETTER QUESTIONS.

SO we decided to ask: “How can we find a natural dog shampoo in Vancouver that cleans Maxi’s ass but doesn’t leave it dry and mopey like other natural shampoos.”

Here is what we found:

1. Choose shampoos that are legit natural y’all

What does natural really mean? To me it means a shampoo that was birthed in nature by wolves and algae. But to many retailers it can mean using a whole bunch of harsh chemicals and adding in a couple of natural ingredients so that it can qualify as “natural.”

When tryna find a legit natural product, look at the shampoo product list and avoid chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, DEA, sodium laurel sulfate, fragrance, parfum, and mineral oil. Although some of these ingredients like parfum sound harmless, they can cause cancer, nausea and allergies.

Instead look for awesomely natural and gentle ingredients such as decyl glucoside, coco glucoside, lauryl glucoside, vitamins, botanical extracts, and essentials oils.

2. Choose shampoos that are suited for your dog’s personal body type

Does your dog hate smelling of shampoo but loves smelling like goose poop? Does he have itchy skin that’s ruining his chances on Tinder? Does he like to tan naked a lot in Yaletown Vancouver in the summer?

The answer to all of these questions for Maxipoo is a resounding YES TO ALL.

That’s why we pick shampoos for him that are scentless, hypoallergenic, and contain colloidal oatmeal and aloe vera for his dry skin.

Figure out your dog’s skin type by asking him questions about his body and make sure to pick shampoos that solve your dog’s problems such as dry skin, normal skin, allergy prone skin, stinky skin etc.

3. Look for cruelty free products

A lot of natural shampoos are cruelty free and some companies even test their shampoos on humans not animals. Your dog will appreciate the respect to animals and you will feel better about buying a product that supports animal rights.

4. Bio to the degradable

Ever wonder where chemicals go once you wash them down the drain? They never really leave our water life cycle and get reused in things such as drinking and bathing water. If you pick a shampoo that is biodegradable the product will naturally break down and won’t be added to the water life cycle. Something both you and your doggy can rejoice about whilst you dance around a bonfire this summer in Vancouver.

5. Ask for shampoo samples

Finding the right shampoo for your dog can involve a hec of a lot trial and error regardless of what the packaging promises. We tried about 5 shampoos before finding one that works for us. A great idea is to ask for samples at pet stores or contact the company whose product you want to try.

A Natural Dog Shampoo In Vancouver we love: Beau Canine Essentials Botanical Coat Cleanser and Conditioner

Wanna try a dog shampoo in Vancouver that we tried and love? Check out Beau Canine Essentials Botanical Coat Cleanser and Conditioner. It’s only got cool ingredients, it’s biodegradable, it’s cruelty free AND it contains something called SHIKAKAI Fruit Extract which literally translates into HAIR FRUIT in India. Who doesn’t want that in their shampoo???

Here’s what Maxi thought of Beau Botanical Coat Cleanser and Conditioner…

AMAZING! New shampoo for my ass?!!


One side of my ass was washed with the hypoallergenic formula, and the otherside with the moisturizing formula

I then waited for my ass to air dry

We found my ass was a lot whiter after the wash. AND soooo much softer. The moisturized side smelled like peppermint and the hypoallergenic side smelled of nothing. It also didn’t make my ass itch.

Shakin that freshly washed ass

We were SUPER SUPER SUPER happy with the results of the Beau Canine Essentials Botanical Coat Cleanser and Conditioner. It’s literally the best shampoo we’ve used so far and are going to be sticking with the Beau moisturizing formula.

We love that we only need to use one product rather than a shampoo and conditioner, as this product contains everything in one package. It’s also not irritating to Max and SUPER conditioning AND Max didn’t mind the slight peppermint smell at all. You can grab a bottle today for $16.50 from local pet stores in Vancouver or online!

Bravo Beau Botanical Coat Cleanser and Conditioner!!


From site admin: Thanks for the glowing reviews Max!!

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